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Helen Smith

Founder & Healing Facilitator

...Nature has the ability to heal us in ways that modern medicine alone cannot...  As a healing arts teacher, it's my mission to help people tune into Nature's Radio using sound, silence, breath, movement and shamanic healing practice.  By learning about and opening to the vibrations, frequencies and rhythms of the planet, so we are inspired and able to connect more deeply with our selves and with one another, just as humans - and all things - have done for thousands of years.  In this state, we begin to resonate at our most optimum frequency, for relaxation, wellbeing and growth.  We have forgotten our innate ability to heal and recalibrate with the true world around us, and to positively affect it in return.  The time to remember is now...


Helen Smith is founder of Nature's Radio, a nature-based wellbeing practice offering a variety of services including healing and development sessions, accredited practitioner trainings, wild workshops and retreatsShe shares her years of experience as an outdoor adventurer, healing practitioner, facilitator, wellbeing specialist and lifelong nature lover with clients from all over the world.  Her natural affinity for sound healing, shamanic healing, meditation and creative channelling have led her far and wide; to learn from her much-respected elders; and on countless personal journeys and solitary retreats.  Helen has been studying natural healing practices for almost twenty years and is an accredited tutor at the UK College of Sound Healing.

Having lived in other countries during her early career, and after co-leading a two-year expedition through Africa, Helen returned to the UK and worked at the Department of Health in national roles, before moving on to lead projects in live media publishing alongside her healing work.  She has always felt very inspired by nature, her own experiences and her human responses to them, and creates and curates immersive, nature-based performance art.  She is also a published writer and holds a special interest in environmental psychology and the creation of safe and positive spaces.  Helen loves to share voice, sound and shamanic healing practice with others - especially in nature - and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her sessions.

Nature's Radio

Nature's Radio

Find your frequency...


Experience Nature's Radio

Singing Bowl

One to One Sessions

Nature's healing radio is all around us.  It is in us. We can access it at any time. Helen draws on her extensive healing experience and her background in health & wellbeing to support others in releasing, restoring and recalibrating their energies; in finding their optimum frequencies for healing and growth; and in connecting with these through regular practice. Her focus is always on deep listening and relaxation, knowledge sharing, and on equipping you as the owner of your own journey. 

Sitting by Campfire

 Practitioner Trainings

Nature's Radio is committed to supporting others to become healing practitioners themselves, so they can deepen their experience and/or share their skills with others professionally.  Helen teaches the accredited COSH Sound Healing with Voice Practitioner Course (open to all) at the UK College of Sound Healing, as well as the Shamanic Healing Certificated Course (for existing practitioners, counsellors, therapists etc wishing to develop their skillset).

Meditating in Nature

 Workshops & Retreats

Helen runs healing & development workshops and nature retreats in the wilds of the UK and Europe.  They offer a wonderfully nurturing way to rest, recharge and grow in a safely held space within nature, as well as take away new knowledge and techniques for self practice moving forward.  Conscious that a standard group setting is not always for everyone, Helen also sometimes facilitates bespoke events and solo retreats on request. Please feel free to get in touch for info.


“I am impressed with how professional Helen is. Her innate abilities and genuine kindness form a strong foundation for her practice.”

— Tim H, Psychotherapist & EMDR Trauma Therapist

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